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Why ORBITguard?

Effective >
Eliminate spam, predict virus, and identify phishing;

Easy >
NO Management needed with ORBITguard auto cluster management that manage & update it self.

Low Cost >
Low cost of owner ship & no operational or maintenances,  management cost.

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Recommended for: SMB's & Medium enterprises that wish to implement an email security solution in a server environment.

Best Protection
ORBITguard Virtual Gateway protects networks from inbound email threats, an end-to-end email attack monitoring system. By tracking the reputation of the originating servers, evaluating the message content, learning the impact on the recipients, and checking the website where they are taken, ORBITguard Virtual Gateway provides the highest level of protection against all email-borne threats.

Protection from inbound threats: Guards against spam, virus, phishing, DHA/DOS  attacks, and policy violations.
Advanced spam filtering: Stops 99% percent of spam at the network perimeter with an extremely low false positive rate.
ORBITguard Virus Technology: Provides predictive, responsive, and decisive protection at the onset of a virus outbreak.
Phishing fraud detection: Uniquely identifies and blocks fraudulent phishing emails from other email borne threats.
DHA/DOS attack safeguards: Protects the corporate network from Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA) and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
Adaptable policy management: Enables the flexible implementation of single or multi-action email policies that meet the corporation’s business needs, at a business unit, functional, geographic and/or group level.

Email Address Validation: ORBITguard validate both sender & recipients email address.

Compatibility: ORBITguard Virtual Gateway is compatible with any type of Mail Server & no changes to your existing email infrastructure.

Effortless Control
ORBITguard breakthrough identity-based messaging management architecture enables effortless control over email.

Quick & flexible configuration: Simplifies first-time set-up and enables flexible configuration for all-in-one or split architecture installation.
Hands off maintenance: Provides real-time ORBITguard Cluster Management Server integration eliminating dual-entry of user information, auto-updates that simplify data and product updates, and an integrated administrative junk box that ensures managing unwanted email stays trouble-free.

High Performance
Due to their size, SMB's & Medium enterprises need a high-performance solution that quickly and efficiently processes their emails. High performance is further advanced through remote analyzers providing scalability and precedence-based email scanning that quickly classifies email messages. A high performance solution requires fewer machines to process the email load, resulting in less management complexity and lower capital and operating costs.

ORBITguard marries complete protection to effortless management and high performance to ensure that enterprises get a “no compromise” solution that can easily and effectively secure their networks.