First & only Sri Lankan Company that provide its own SPAM, Virus & Security Protection for any type of Mail Server in Sri Lanka

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Why ORBITguard?

Effective >
Eliminate spam, predict virus, and identify phishing;

Easy >
NO Management needed with ORBITguard auto cluster management that manage & update it self.

Low Cost >
Low cost of owner ship & no operational or maintenances,  management cost.

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Basic Solution For SOHO & SMB

Inbound email & server protection. low cost & 0% management, stop 99% spam & 99.9% virus. 100% uptime. ideal for any one with a mail server, best for SMB's & SOHO with no hardware or software installation needed.



Hi-End Solution For Enterprise Users

Protect both Inbound & Outbound email as well as your mail server, network, built in Intrusion Detection & Privation system with Inspection Firewall that can protect servers running one the same network. & other services for you to choose; such as IPSec VPN, DHCP & much more.