First & only Sri Lankan Company that provide its own SPAM, Virus & Security Protection for any type of Mail Server in Sri Lanka

Stop over 99% of SPAM
Stop 99.9% of Virus
Stop Mail Bombs
Stop DOS Attacks
No more Security Risks
Protect your Mail Servers
No more Bounce Mail
No Maintains/Configuration needed
Free Backup Servers
Save your Bandwidth
Intrusions Detection
Intrusion Prevention
Harmful Attachment Blocking
LOW COST of ownership.

ORBITguard Virtual Gateway


Inbound email protection for any SMB & SOHO, Installed with in 2-3 hours. 100% uptime & 0% management needed. No hardware or software needed. more>


ORBITguard Gateway Appliance


Organizations that want a pre-configured, pre-hardened solution with immediate deployment in addition to unmatched security & 0% management. more>


ORBITguard Spam, Virus & Email security servers and appliance solutions provide email threat protection including anti-spam using advanced spam filtering techniques, anti-phishing, anti-virus, DHA/DOS safeguards, zombie defense, compliance tools, and policy management, which support any mail server that running on Microsoft Exchange, Sendmail, Exim, Qmail, Lotus Notes, and much more.

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