First & only Sri Lankan Company that provide its own SPAM, Virus & Security Protection for any type of Mail Server in Sri Lanka

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Why ORBITguard?

Effective >
Eliminate spam, predict virus, and identify phishing;

Easy >
NO Management needed with ORBITguard auto cluster management that manage & update it self.

Low Cost >
Low cost of owner ship & no operational or maintenances,  management cost.

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For Price, Info, Slaes


ORBITguard Virutual Gateway


ORBITguard Gateway Appliance

Feature Comparison

Features Virtual   Appliance
Virus Guard
RBL (Real Time Black List)
Harmful Attachment Blocking
Bloodhound Spam Detection
Sending Host Validation
Email Address Validation
Sender Address Validation
Recipient Address Validation
White Listing/Black Listing *
Bandwidth Saver
Mail Server Protection *
Local Network Server Protection X
Firewall X
IDS (Intrusion Detection) X
IPS (Intrusion Prevention) X
VPN Support (PPTP - IPSec) X
Backup ORBITguard System
NAT Gateway/Proxy X
Zero Maintenance & Configuration
100% Uptime Guarantee
Load Balancing (Multiple MX Servers)
WebMail X *
Hi-Speed Delivery X
* This feature available but may depend on your system, configuration, and other matters.