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Why ORBITguard?

Effective >
Eliminate spam, predict virus, and identify phishing;

Easy >
NO Management needed with ORBITguard auto cluster management that manage & update it self.

Low Cost >
Low cost of owner ship & no operational or maintenances,  management cost.

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Recommended for: Organizations that want a pre-configured, pre-hardened solution with immediate deployment in addition to unmatched security and management.

ORBITguard Gateway™ Appliance
ORBITguard Gateway Appliance is standardized on Dell/IBM/Compaq x86 hardware available on  Linux operating systems. It combines the best protection, effortless control, and high performance with immediate deployment.

Best Protection
ORBITguard protects networks from all inbound and outbound email threats using ORBITguard IDS/IPS (Intrusions Detection & Privation), an end-to-end email attack monitoring system that identifies and stops email/security attacks. ORBITguard RBL's tracks the reputation of the email servers, evaluates message content, analyzes the impact on recipients, and checks any embedded URLs. Through ORBITguard Gateway Appliance covers all email security needs.

Internal Zombie Detection
DHA and DoS Safeguards
Compliance Tools
Policy Management
Time Zero Virus Protection



IDS / IPS (Intrusions Detection & Privation)


By providing comprehensive protection in one solution, ORBITguard enables enterprises to consolidate their email security infrastructure, reducing cost and complexity.

Effortless Control
ORBITguardGateway Appliance is designed to ensure Zero configuration, easy customization, and automated maintenance.

Quick Configuration
NO End-User Management
Personalized End-User Controls
NO LDAP/Domain Integration Needed.
Detailed Reporting

ORBITguard breakthrough identity-based management architecture no need to integrate it with your LDAP or Active Directory, it automatically detect local users using SMTP, eliminating dual-entry of user information.

Bult in VPN Support
VPN, or virtual private network, is a catchall phrase for a variety of networking schemes that allow businesses to use public Internet lines to create a virtual network, meaning you can connect to your office network form any place in the world, better connect all out branches in to a one LAN.

High Performance
ORBITguard provides high performance through its unique ORBITguard Preemptive Scanning MTA that offers breakthrough message analysis and industry-leading message delivery rates. Such a solution needs fewer machines to process the email load, resulting in reduced management complexity with lower capital and operating costs. ORBITguard delivers a solution that lets organizations consolidate email security while scaling to meet the size and performance requirements of their organization.

ORBITguard Gateway Appliance: Options for the Enterprise
Whether you need a single appliance to handle all of your email security activities or you require high availability, failover, and load balancing, there is a “no compromise” ORBITguard Gateway Appliance to meet your needs.

Flexible Configuration
ORBITguard provides simple configuration that streamlines first-time set-up in under an hour and enables configuration for all-in-one or split architecture installation with the flexibility to choose greater redundancy; separation between filtering and management; and decentralized, multi-machine arrangements. ORBITguard can provide an option that fits seamlessly into your environment.

ORBITguard marries complete protection to effortless control and high performance to ensure that enterprises get a “no compromise” solution that can easily and effectively secure their networks.