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Orbit Network, known as ORBITnet started out as a web hosting & total networking solution company in year 2000 to offer total networking solutions under one roof. Even though we are a new company in the IT industry, the staff at ORBITnet are very skilled and posses several years experience in the IT related disciplines.

We are strategically driven to provide total networking solutions under one roof with clearly defined goals and strategic alliance. The vision of the future is neither fiction nor fantasy. 

The technologies needed to create the new business paradigm exist today. ORBITnet will positioned itself over the years to take on these challengers and technology leadership, combined with close collaboration with multi-vendors.

Every company is unique, with its own set of challenges and demands. Yet all businesses share common ground in one critical area - the need to make swift and sound decisions that create a competitive advantage. 

These decisions hinge on the availability, security and performance of a company's IT infrastructure. That's why it's more vital than ever to partner with someone who understands the IT services business - the necessary competencies, processes, tools and technologies to support your specific requirements. 

ORBITnet has spent many years understanding and meeting the requirements of businesses around the world. Our global know-how, business discipline and extraordinary customer care create the foundation you need to thrive in the complex and competitive realities of today. 


We help businesses integrate and manage multi-vendor IT infrastructures -- every day. Our skilled IT professionals and experience with multi-vendor technologies from the leading vendors results in an optimized IT infrastructure at a lower total cost of ownership, delivering the business results you need.

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